Nathalie is a 5½ inch porcelain lady which I have china painted in layers to achieve the look I wanted for her.
The year is 1906 and Natalie is wearing a lovely Edwardian white silk with black lace dress.
Nathalie is applying a touch of perfume and checking her appearance in the mirror before joining her husband in the parlour prior to dinner.

The dress bodice and skirt are made out of white silk, with contrasting black silk interlaced with silk ribbon and pearls on her bodice. Black cotton lace has been used to create the design on her skirt and also on the cuff of her sleeves.
Her undergarments consist of cotton, lace trimmed pantaloons with silk bows and a full petticoat which can be seen peeping out of her dress skirt.
Nathalie wears a pearl necklace and matching earrings as well as her favourite emerald ring.
The shoes that she is wearing are made from fine black leather with bows and leather under soles.

Mould maker: Gina Bellous



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