Lauren & daughter Emma


Lauren, a young Edwardian era lady is enjoying a quiet moment with her daughter Emma before being joined by her best friend for tea.

Lauren wears a silk brocade jacket adorned with silk ribbon bows which match the bows on her silk satin, cotton lace trimmed turquoise skirt. Her undergarments consist of cotton lace trimmed pantaloons, stockings and a matching cotton petticoat. Her silk brocade shoes are made from the same fabric as the jacket and have leather soles. To complete her ensemble Lauren wears petite earrings that match her necklace, a brooch and a pearl ring. Lauren’s hair is held in place by her favourite hairpin.

Baby Emma has fallen asleep in her Mother’s arms. Her dress is made from very fine silk, trimmed with cotton lace and a soft pink silk bow. She also wears a towelling diaper. Emma’s brooch is an heirloom which belonged to her grandmother.


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