Colette-Laure is a young French lady from the late 1700s enjoying time with her beloved parrot “Pipitta” before attending a grand ball to be held in her home.

Her silk dress has a pleated underskirt which is accessorised with tassels and bows. An elegant sash with silk bows is softly draped across the front of the dress and the bodice is elaborately decorated with lace patterns and pearls.

Colette wears a pearl shell choker with matching earrings and bracelet.

Her hair has been piled high on her head and well powdered, as was the custom during those times. She wears a small hat decorated with feathers, a silk bow with sapphires and a string of pearls looped around the hat.

Under her dress are panniers worn to hold the dress out and a cotton petticoat. Her stockings have a design on them and her fabric shoes with leather soles match her dress.


Mould maker: Cynthia Howe



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